Bittersweet explores joy explored through the lens of an elder statesman talking to the youth encouragingly and exploring the disparity between their generations and the life moments navigated with the gift of experience. 

The spoken word piece  highlights that a major part of black joy is another’s joy that we adopt as our own. And that there’s something special in that. But it also distinctly captures the neighboring and opposing feelings that also co-opt many of our moments of joy and the duality that it presents. 

In this episode, creative producer Rennae Walker and featured artist, AKS, explore the concept of black joy, dissecting its nuance and complexities other than favorable feelings of elation. They explore the role and sometimes necessity of pain in birthing experiences of joy in its truest and purest form.

As part of our bitesize episode segment we invite students of Loughborough University to share a short story.

The Chronicles of Black Joy podcast is supported and distributed by LU Arts (Loughborough University’s art centre) in celebration of Black History Month.

Full interview available on Spotify and all podcast platforms.


With a new project, “As Plane as Day: Departures & Arrivals”, in the proverbial wings and the promise of further singles spilling out over 2022; it’s clear that this is one journey that isn’t set to end any time soon for the rap prodigy and the world is definitely within reach for this undeniable talent.