George Taylor

Royal Radiance

By: George Taylor


Royal Radiance is a narrative of four individuals who have not been blessed with the greatest of circumstances with each verse covering a glimpse of their journey. Despite their battles, their joy is their weapon as they represent just a few examples of changing the narrative of black culture. 

The short story was written and performed by producer/rapper George Taylor aka meka who sought to reveal society may view these people in a certain way but their royal radiance has the power to shine through any stereotype they get labeled with. 

Royal Radiance presents some of the battles we as a community may face with the system but inspires community and unification as a people.

As part of our bitesize episode segment we invite students of Loughborough University to share a short story.

The Chronicles of Black Joy podcast is supported and distributed by LU Arts (Loughborough University’s art centre) in celebration of Black History Month.

Full interview available on Spotify and all podcast platforms.


George Taylor aka meka. A producer/rapper with a love for creating compelling stories through conscious lyrics and captivating musicality. Influenced from J. Cole and Lecrae, spreading a message of motivation and inspiration is at the core of his musical mantra.