Furaha Ya Watoto

By: Magero


Furaha Ya Watoto (The Joy of Children) is a nostalgic musical journey into black joy through the lens of Magero’s childhood. 

Written and performed by poet Magero, the short story portrays elements of Black British culture as well as his Kenyan roots and upbringing. It is a comical fusion of storytelling and poetry accompanied by afro sounds and melodies created by music producer FazeOne.

In this episode, creative producer Rennae Walker and guest artist Magero reflect on the profound innocence of childhood, the beauty of family and preserving imagination, all  through the lens of black joy.

The Chronicles of Black Joy podcast is supported and distributed by LU Arts (Loughborough University’s art centre) in celebration of Black History Month.

Full interview available on Spotify and all podcast platforms.


Magero is an Award nominated poet/spoken word artist, workshop facilitator and co-founder of ‘The Brotherhood Creative Collective’.

Magero is a vivid storyteller who incorporates a fusion of poetry, music and acting within his artistry. Known for his intricate writing style and ability to misdirect audiences through manipulating their perception within his narrative, his work often includes unexpected plot twists.

Much of Magero’s work is based on his lived experiences and faith. He is featured in the therapeutic theatre play ‘So U Think Im Crazy?’ and has performed at events such as BBC Children’s Global Media Summit, Breakin’ Convention Festival and The BBC Music Radio Awards. His debut release ‘Climate Change Need Not Become The Legacy We Leave’ is available to watch on BBC Ideas and He was most recently nominated for The Best Poet 2021 at the UK Entertainment Awards.