Yasmin Nwofor

Come As You Are

By: Yasmin Nwofor


Come As You Are speaks to each of us who have only ever been taught to conform. Learning to express ourselves freely can be a life-long lesson but there is great joy to be found on the way!

The short story was written and performed by twiced-published poet and current Loughborough student, Yasmin Nwofor who challenges the idea of seeking the “big” joys, the landmark events, often forgetting the casual magic and understated joy in our every day. Come As You Are is a reminder of this

As part of our bitesize episode segment we invite students of Loughborough University to share a short story.

The Chronicles of Black Joy podcast is supported and distributed by LU Arts (Loughborough University’s art centre) in celebration of Black History Month.

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Yasmin is a third year Natural Sciences student studying at Loughborough University. A twice-published poet, she enjoys expressing the day-to-day as art in written form. Yasmin draws inspiration from casual conversation and journal entries, musing on all that makes us human!